Documents Required to Ship Vehicle

If you are considering shipping your car with a reputable auto transport company, you may be wondering what you need to provide prior to vehicle pick-up.  Because all auto transport companies vary to some degree, it is best to ask your company directly what needs to be submitted.  However, there are some items/documentation that will be universal no matter which company you select.

Domestic Shipping

  • Original Registration- this document shows proof of ownership and is absolutely indispensable.
  • Certificate of Title- if the vehicle still has a lienholder, you may still be able to ship your vehicle.  However, you will need a notarized letter from the lienholder stating that they are aware of and allowing for the transport of the vehicle.
  • Current and Valid Insurance- expired insurance WILL NOT be accepted
  • Photo Identification- Driver’s License or Passport will both work

Sometimes, you may need to ship a vehicle that is not in your name.  If that is the case, you will need to provide a notarized letter signed by the vehicle’s owner allowing for transport.  To avoid any confusion, please include the VIN of the vehicle being shipped in the letter.

International Shipping

In addition to the above mandatory documents, every destination for international shipping has a list of additional requirements dependent on import and customs policies for that specific country.  More often than not, you will need to include:

  • Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale (notating vehicle’s value)
  • Power of Attorney, if vehicle is not in your name
  • Any other paperwork as required by the destination country

Please also be prepared to pay import duty and customs fees which vary from country to country.  It is in your best interest to first contact the destination country’s Customs department prior to making arrangements for the shipment of your vehicle.  You can also direct additional questions directly to your auto transport company as they will often have more knowledge of specific import procedures.

In order to ensure a smooth shipping process, make sure you verify and gather the above required documents prior to scheduling a pick-up of your vehicle.  The more you do in advance, the less your stress will be when it comes time to complete the actual process and receive your vehicle at your final destination.

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