Shopping for the Best Auto Transport Company

If you’ve done an internet search for “Auto Shipping” or “Auto Transport,” chances are you were probably pretty overwhelmed with the vast number of companies out there competing for your business.  So, how do you go about choosing the best company for you and your vehicle?  Well, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you are truly getting the best value for your personal requirements.

  1. Make a List.  First, you’ll want to comprise a list of your specific needs and desires.  Needs are the essentials, the things you cannot live without.  These are the things you will not compromise on, no matter what.  Your desires are things that you want, but know you may not be able to obtain.  You may need to give up on some of these options, if, for example, they do not fit into your budget.  This list will be your benchmark throughout the entire comparison shopping phase.  It is much easier to compare apples to apples, as opposed to apples to oranges, and this list will help you do precisely that.
  2. Review the Company’s Website.  You can learn a lot about the services offered, just by reviewing the website directly.  If you notice they don’t offer one of your essential requirements, cross the company off the list immediately.  This will be an easy way to narrow down the list prior to contacting each company.  Keep in mind that not every company will list EVERY service they offer online, so if it is unclear, do not be hasty and make an immediate judgment call, until you can verify that they will not accommodate you.
  3. Read the Reviews.  Often other companies will write negative reviews to bring down a competitor’s ratings, but consistently good reviews or consistently bad reviews should provide you with at least an idea of previous customers’ complaints and/or praises.  A very good source to check the history and rating of companies is to go directly to the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB monitors all escalated complaints and you will be able to see if the company made an effort to resolve the issue at hand, which is a great indicator of professionalism.
  4. Use Your Own Best Judgment.  Did the company promptly respond to your online inquiry and answer any questions you may have had?  If you called, did the representative sound professional and competent?  Oftentimes, your gut feeling may be the best indicator of how your relationship with the company will work.  If they answered the phone, “Luigi’s Auto Transport and Italian Subs,” would you feel comfortable turning over your keys?  If they avoided questions or were very unclear in their responses, how much would you be able to trust them?

Take your time and plan in advance of when you need your vehicle shipped to allow yourself the most time possible to do your research.  This will alleviate a lot of stress for you, and more advanced notice will also get you the best available deal.  Finally, make sure you study the contract and if you have any questions, ask away.  A reputable, reliable, and service-oriented auto transport company should be willing to go above the call of duty to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with the process before your vehicle is even picked-up.

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